Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In search of to-do list software

First, the bad news: I don't have any pictures of the roller derby game to show you. I will, because Gina gave me a CD full of shots she took, but I haven't had time today to look through them. Sorry about that. Perhaps later this week.

Now, to my current problem: I can't find to-list software that does what I want. Specifically, I want to arrange a group of categories of tasks on a display so that the categories appear in rows. Each category's entry would be a box that would scroll if the category had more tasks than would fit. The whole window would scroll if I had more categories than available display real estate. This is the sort of work "dashboard" that I do on paper to organize myself, but I want to do it on a PC (or Mac) so I'll have the data electronically.

I've tried Outlook, of course, but it can't do the job. Its only organization of categories is a vertical stack.

I've Googled a bit and followed many links, but so far I've not encountered any program that can do the job.

Does anyone know of software that might fill this bill? If so, please drop me a line via the Web site or post candidates as comments here.



Anonymous said...

i haven't seen any dedicated to-do list software working that way. but it reminds me of a document i received once in excel, covering the phases of a deployment - they had a fixed row of cells across the top, one for each phase (anomalous to your categories) and scrolling cells in columns under each phase for tasks within the phase. you could probably approximate it that way, as an interim solution until you find the software you want...


Mark said...

Yeah, I could roll my own, but I keep hoping such a thing exists. To me, the visual presentation keeps the most important tasks of each category easy to spot.

Anonymous said...

I've looked at most (if not all) of the Mac solutions within the past year, but I don't remember anything even close to this. I'm not even sure what I would use to try to roll my own (other than Excel). There might be something on VersionTracker (http://www.versiontracker.com/macosx/) that I have missed. Note that I haven't checked the PC side.

Sounds, though, like the paper equivalent of what you are after is a Planner Pad (https://plannerpads.com/concept.asp). I keep hoping the guy who runs this company will start selling an electronic version, but no such luck.

Mark said...

Thanks, Chris. That pad is definitely heading in the right direction, but I'd like one with space for ten or twelve or more projects, and I'd like it online. I'm continuing to hunt.

Thanks, again!


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