Sunday, December 11, 2016

In the great ham debate

on which side do you fall:  honey-baked, or country?

Though I see the appeal of both, and though I do from time to time crave a good piece of salty country ham, I am squarely on team honey-baked.  The mixture of the moist meat and the sweetness along the edges makes every bite delicious.

As winter comfort food, a plate of very basic macaroni and cheese and some honey-baked ham is hard to beat.


Mark P said...

I'd have to go for Sausage sandwich if we're talking snack, or a stew with dumplings, and jacket potatoes followed by spotted-dick for a main.

Mark said...

None of those is on my comfort-food list, presumably because I did not grow up with them.

Cindy Hyde said...

What is a spotted-dick ?

Mark said...

A type of savory British pudding.

Cindy Hyde said...

Thank you, what a funny name for a good dish.


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