Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cone Man auditioning

Cone Man wants to star in a nighttime, outdoor, dramatic version of the classic film, Taxi Driver.  Here, he's delivering the classic Travus Bickle line,

You talkin' to me?
Click the image to see a larger version.

If we proceed with the staging--and that is a very big if at this point--I think he gets the part.

It really is getting mighty festive up in here.


Cindy Hyde said...

He looks quiet happyūüėć

Rosanne said...

I find he looks rather sinister and could scare small children. But that's just my take.

Mark said...

He definitely can be scary at times.

I confess I chose this shot to make him look scary, because Travis Bickle by that point in the movie was a terrifying man.

Rosanne said...

I well remember that point in the movie!


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