Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I'm going to have to give in and watch streaming series

I've been avoiding streaming series, because, as I've written before, I like to own my media.  So, I've been waiting for Netflix to release Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Blu-ray so I can watch them.

I am about to start compromising, though, because I don't want to wait years to watch the new series, Luke Cage.  Eric turned me onto this newest trailer for the series, and the show looks like too much fun for me to ignore.



pjz said...

I suggest starting with Jessica Jones now, so you'll be as caught up as the rest of the world on what has gone on before involving Mr. Cage. Also because it's a really really really good arc.

Mark said...

That makes sense. Thanks.

FWIW, I want to see all of the Netflix series with Marvel characters. I've just been hoping they would appear on Blu-ray.


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