Monday, September 26, 2016

If you still think you don't need to vote for Clinton,
watch or read tonight's debate

I couldn't bear to watch the debate.  I just couldn't.  I knew staring at Trump's smirk for two hours and listening to his outrageous statements would make me angrier than I want to be.

I also, though, couldn't resist knowing how it went, so I read an NPR transcript of the debate.

Stupid, now angry me.

If you're already clear that we must not let Trump into the White House, and that the only way to stop him is by voting for Clinton, then stop reading--but don't forget to vote.

If, though, you're considering voting for Trump or for Johnson, or if you're disgusted by the whole thing and want to stay home on election day, then do yourself--and all of us in the USA--a favor and read or watch the debate.  Look at all the crap Trump spews.

This man lives in a bubble full of people who endorse his view of the world, a view that is simply not in line with reality.  He acts as if it's his right to do anything he wants and to claim as fact anything he feels like saying.  That's scary with anyone, but it's incredibly frightening when the person might well become President of these United States.

We need to stop Trump.  We need to vote for Clinton.  It's that simple.


Michelle said...

I watched the debate and the post debate comments on my surprise, many of them felt it was a draw or that Trump came out ahead. What? He acted like a toddler being fed creamed carrots for the first time...he smirked, grimaced, interrupted, made no sense, and threw it on the floor. Hillary was smart, graceful, patient and well prepared. She kept her composure while he stuttered and stammered and pummeled him with facts, not accusations. The bar is set so low for him that it is a win if he doesn't act like an asshat. She has to soar to the heavens to get a nod. Yes, she is a seasoned politician, but he is a "wonderful, wonderful" businessman, according to his own praise, commands thousands and thousands of workers, and makes billions of dollars (of which he pays no income tax, but let's not go there now or this blog will be a novel). Is this how he acts in meetings? Making faces, throwing insults and clearly not knowing what the hell he is talking about? How does that work? She won hands down, but more importantly, she displayed Presidential ability. He showed what he always shows....he is a bully that will stop at nothing to be king of the mountain. Too bad that mountain is made of quick sand and, more unfortunately, his followers think it is made of gold.

Mark said...

I am praying he does not end up being our President.


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