Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Signs of my age for which I refuse to apologize

I prefer physical books to ebooks.

I want to own my media--CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, physical books, if it's a source of media, I want to own it, not rely on some company letting me rent it or stream it.

For movies, the bigger the screen, the better.  Yes, I can watch films on my phone, but I'd rather sit in front of my enormous TV.

For audio, quality counts.  I do rip music I own, but always to a lossless format (typically, WAV).  I use high-end headphones and high-end speakers.  I care how my music and my films sound.

For video, quality counts.  I have a 4K TV and look forward to more 4K content.  I love high resolution.

I have nothing against people who make other choices, but many of them do seem almost religiously determined to convert me away from physical media and my obsession with quality.

Good luck with that.


MarkP said...

You may be right about age, although it could be background.
I would have to agree with your choices although for financial reasons I still go with 37" HDTV.
I still occasionally play vinyl, although i dread setting it up as relied on my late father for help that.

Mark said...

Yeah, it could be my background, though it is also preference born of experience.

Michelle said...

I agree with you. Even though I like reading on my Kindle for convenience sake when traveling, every book I have on my electronic device, I own a hard copy of. There is nothing like opening up a brand new book for the first time. There is also nothing like rereading a beloved book that you have had for years and years. There is no comparison to holding a treasured novel in your hands.

steveburnett said...

Same here: with very few exceptions, if a product is download-only I won't buy it. I don't like reading ebooks, I also buy CDs and rip to lossless, and a large fraction of my video collection simply doesn't exist as streamable. Like you, I'm happy for those with other preferences but my self-defined filters still provide for more great media than I have time to consume so I'm happy for myself as well.

Mark said...

Oh, yes, there is always more great media than I have time.


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