Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What bothers you the most about this ad?

I saw it at a gas station complex on the drive back from DragonCon yesterday.

Click the image to see a larger version.

You can certainly make a strong case that the world does not need a maple bacon milkshake, but I would argue that until we try one, we cannot be sure.

You could also argue with conviction that companies do not have to alter every word to include their brand and thus that "milkshake" would have served better than the lamentable "Quikshake."

For me, though, the most annoying aspect of the entire ad is the fact that some marketing genius decided that the word "bacon" just wasn't sexy enough, so, hey, why don't we drop the "o" and put in an apostrophe?  Apostrophe abuse is already rampant in America; must we now add to the problem with constructions that save almost no space?

No, I say.  No.

For those who know me well enough to wonder, no, I did not try it.  Yes, I admit to being tempted, because, hey, maple and bacon and milkshake, but, no, I did not sample this particular concoction.


David Drake said...

Dear Mark,
It probably wouldn't have been very good, but for the rest of your life, you'll have to wonder: "Would it have been that special something?"
It wasn't outside a wafflehouse, was it?
Who ponders these things

Bill Catchings said...

My guess is that it is not a milkshake because it does not contain milk...

Anonymous said...

It's probably artificial bacon like flavoring. Who knows where the flavoring comes from but I am guessing it has less than an appetizing origin. At least that is the traditional way to get around FDA labeling regulations.


ps- John and Lobo?

Mark said...

Dave, I think I will manage to live without that nagging question, though there is some chance you will be correct. No, it was not outside a Waffle House; it was at a QT gas station complex.

Bill, I suspect you're right.

Rehcra, you are also probably right that they could not call it bacon.

So, we have a shake (for some definition of the term) composed of a milk-like substance, a bacon-like substance, and, just possibly, something actually related to maple.

I am more and more glad I did not try one.

And, Rehcra, yes, I am charging ahead on the next one.


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