Sunday, May 8, 2016

On Mother's Day

I'm not generally a fan of holidays that we've recently created.  Mother's Day, with its U.S. origins in 1908, is one of the older of that group, but I've never really celebrated it.  I did usually remember to call my mother on this day, and on a few occasions I even sent something, but it was already so commercialized that I rarely did much for it.

At the same time, our mothers do deserve our thanks for all they've done for us, starting with birthing us.  The older I've gotten, the more I've appreciated all the work it took my mom to raise three kids, for many years as a single mother.

So my take is this:  Yeah, Mother's Day is an overly commercialized event, but if your mom is alive, it wouldn't hurt you to send a little love her way, talk to her, and let her know how much you value her.  If she's not alive, pause a moment to appreciate her.  As an excuse to show a little love, which is rarely a bad thing, we could do worse.


Mark P said...

I think Mothers day like fathers day and valentines day is a conspiracy of card manufacturer, confectionary manufacturer and flower sellers to part us from our money.

Having said that they're all important celebrations and it's just important to find a way to celebrate outside the prescribed avenues.

This is a case where thinking outside the box demonstrates that the person is important enough to make an extra effort rather than going through the motions.

Mark said...

Good points.


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