Monday, May 9, 2016

Captain America: Civil War hits on all cylinders

A plot big enough to fill nearly two and a half hours?  Check.

A huge ensemble of characters, all of whom manage to be individuals you can understand and care about?  Check.

Moments of humor that never feel forced and that let you breathe--for a moment--before the action resumes?  Check.

Run down the Marvel superhero movie checklist, and you'll find that Civil War hits every item perfectly.  Even when you read about the formula, as I did, you still find it working on you.

Does the movie have flaws?  Absolutely.  The most egregious involves the timing of certain key events, but in the moment you forgive them and go along for the ride.

This far past the film's debut, I'm not likely to be able to sway you, because you almost certainly already know if you want to see it (if you haven't already gone).  If you are undecided, though, and you have liked any of the other Marvel movies, then do not miss this one.

As a kid, I was addicted to comics.  As a grown-up, I find it absolutely wonderful that the superheroes of my youth are now filling movie screens with wonder.

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