Sunday, March 13, 2016

The XPRT Women Code-a-thon finished today

and was a great success.  I'm very happy and proud to have been able to be involved.  Women gathered, came up with strong ideas, did a ton of good work in a very short time, formed friend and mentor relationships, and helped provide ideas and sample code for possible workloads for the BenchmarkXPRT performance-measurement tools.

For dinner our hardy band of travelers, minus one off visiting friends, enjoyed sushi at Momiji.  I'd definitely go back there if I were in the area again.

We walked a few blocks to Molly Moon's for delicious ice cream dessert.  I'd like to believe that bit of walking burned off our cups of ice cream, but, alas, I know better.

Tomorrow, I fly again to a different city--but not home.


Mark P said...

According to Facebook it's your birthday, so happy birthday.

Shame you're spending it travelling.

David Drake said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Mark-ie
Happy birthday to you!

At 61 you are a mere child.
looking back from 70

Mark said...

Thanks, Mark and Dave, for the kind wishes. I am traveling today, which is not great, but I do hope to properly celebrate my birthday in the next few weeks.


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