Friday, March 4, 2016

A quick note before bed

It's late here, I have yet to pack, and I want to grab some sleep before the very long flight, because I don't sleep well--if at all--on planes.  So, I'll keep this short.

My first adventure today was to follow recommendations and check out the Tower Bridge.  It's a nifty structure whose middle raises--though not today--and one that offers amazing views of London.

Click an image to see a larger version.

The small section of glass floors was cool, but photographing through it with my phone did not work as well as I had hoped.

Next up was a return visit to the British Museum, again to follow a commenter's recommendation, this time to see the Sutton Hoo exhibit.  (I caught more while I was there, of course, but this exhibit brought me back.)  It was a small but powerful show, with a nifty selection of artifacts from Britain around 600 A.D.  I particularly liked this battle helmet, which was amazingly well preserved and then restored,

as well as this replica of what they think the helmet once looked like.

The final big event of the day was a play, the musical Kinky Boots, which comes from the movie of the same name.  A romp with a serious message of acceptance--tolerance is not enough, acceptance must be the goal--this play was fun from start to finish.

Now, to pack, to sleep a bit, and then to begin the long journey home.


Mark P said...

Hope you enjoyed you visit.

Shame you didn't have time for social meetings but sounds like you needed the R&R.

Mark said...

I very much enjoyed it. I apologize for not setting up a social meeting; the days just got away from me. I will definitely do that on my next visit there--which I hope occurs sooner than later!


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