Monday, February 29, 2016

Foolish fun, foodie fun

My morning went to sleep and email.  Walking consumed most of the afternoon, but the walking led to moments of foolish fun.

Isn't this connector marvelous?

Click an image to see a larger version.

I love it.  I do not care for the notion that an American burger-and-fries chain sits on the corner, but so capitalism goes.

Just down the street I encountered this sign, which I absolutely adore.

Don't get me wrong:  I understand there's a lot that's very wrong about this sign.  That's part of why I like it so much.

London even treated me to some sunshine today.

Further along, on the way to the London Eye, I encountered this carousel.

When on holiday you encounter a carousel with no waiting queue, you have only one choice:  you must ride it.  So I did.  The horses proved to have names, so I chose the one named after my friend and business partner.

That it was pink and heavily made up only increased the humor for me.

If you know me well, you know I have a fear of heights.  So, you might reasonably ask, why would I voluntarily board this beast?

Because there's no time like the present to redefine one's self, says I.  So, on it I went.  My pulse was racing at first, but the cabins are as big as rooms, and the pace is slow and constant, so over time I relaxed and quite enjoyed the views, such as this one of that same carousel.

And this shot of Big Ben from above.

Later, I encountered the same landmark from a more traditional perspective.

Dinner tonight took me to another fantastic restaurant, Adam Handling at The Caxton.  I'd eaten Handling's cooking at the 2015 Cayman Cookout, and it was wonderful, so I was excited to go to his restaurant.

He did not let me down.  The food was superb from start to finish.  Inventive, whimsical, and always delicious, Handling's creations were a joy to eat.  The meal was absolutely world-class, and I recommend this restaurant highly.

Another fine day in London.


Mark P said...

I went up the Eye several years ago.

I think it's the solidity that's so re-assuring.

I've subsequently went round a ferris wheel in my towns Christmas market with my daughter and despite being a fraction of the height was petrified.

Mark said...

The Eye's pace and building-like structure made it work for me. I've never been on a ferris wheel and plan never to go on one.

Bill Catchings said...

I am deeply troubled by the pink-carousel-horse-named-Bill imagery...

Mark said...

Excellent! My work here is done.


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