Sunday, February 28, 2016

Easy day, fun day

In this week in London, I'm aiming to mix a lot of rest with a lot of fun.  I'm not trying to cram the most into each day.  I want to have a good time and see a lot of the city, but I also need to sleep.

So, I didn't head out today until a bit after noon, which was just fine with me.  I grabbed a full English breakfast at a nearby place I chose at random.

The food was tasty and filling.

From there I headed to the V&A, just because I love walking its halls and seeing its many different exhibits.  I saw some new ones and a few familiar ones, including this facade

Click an image to see a larger version.

from about 1600 from Sir Paul Pindar's house.  I've always liked that just this bit survived.

After a lot of walking by shops that were all closing, I found my way to the Royal Albert Hall to see Amaluna, a Cirque du Soleil show that is playing there.  The stage was cool, and the hall grand, a simply marvelous venue.

The reviews I'd read of the show were mediocre, but it was Cirque, it was the Royal Albert Hall, and it was available on Sunday night, when not much else was playing.

I'm so glad I went!  Amaluna proved to be one of my favorite Cirque shows, with great acts, a simple story, music I loved, and a strong female empowerment undertone.  I recommend it highly.

Now, I plan to sleep a great deal.


Mark P said...

England's contribution to international cuisen.

Mark said...

Hey, I greatly enjoyed it!

David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

On our first trip to the UK in 1977, we visited Liverpool and Jennie Campbell fixed us a Full English Breakfast with kippers as well as what you have. She thought we should have one (breakfast).

The '70s were a tough time for me for obvious reasons, but I have very happy memories from them nonetheless.

For some reason, the thing I remember most from the V&A were some Gainsborough paintings on glass, meant to be inserted crossways into a long box to give real 3-D effects.

All best

Mark said...

I'm happy not to have added kippers, which are not my favorite.

Mark P said...

Black pudding is another option- one to be avoided.

There's also fried bread if you really want to clog your arteries.

Mark said...

I think I will skip both of those options.

Kyle said...

Thanks for the review. I was IMing with one of our middleware providers who's currently in London for Microsoft Xfest UK and recommended Amaluna to him.

Mark said...

I hope he gets the chance to go!


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