Monday, January 18, 2016

Nothing going on, lots going on

That's how the day felt, a mixture of absolutely nothing and more than enough.

Each day here, I sleep a ton, get up as late as other commitments permit, and feel a little better.  Each day, I get out of bed hoping today will be the day when the cough is gone, and each day, the cough remains--but a little less present, a little less forceful, a little bit better than the day before.

The ocean at lunchtime was rough enough that the hotel didn't put any of its usual stuff in the water, but some folks, including me, still went in.  I enjoyed lunch--a virgin mango daiquiri, water, a burger, and salad--on a chair directly in front of the frothing, surging ocean.  (So few people bothered to go outside on this Monday that I got a great spot even though I arrived late.)  After lunch, I splashed in the ocean and enjoyed being pummeled by the waves, which managed to take me down and force me under on multiple occasions.  On one of those times, I lost my sunglasses; I deserved that loss for being dumb.  (No worries, though; a replacement pair will hit my house in a few days, courtesy of Amazon.)

After some additional rest, a little time in the pool, and some drying, I returned to the room to snooze and read.

Dinner was at Andiamo, a restaurant on the hotel's property.  The breeze was strong and the night cool, so a Caesar salad, a bowl of pasta, and some gelato proved to be absolutely perfect.

I brought a few things to watch on the in-room DVD player, and of course I have books, so each night I have many entertainment options.

As I said, nothing happened, and plenty happened.

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