Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Feeling guilty, feeling relaxed

Today, the skies stayed overcast all day, the ocean churned, the winds played music in the palms, and temperatures dropped just enough that climate control was never necessary.

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As this shot from where I ate a late lunch shows, shorts and light shirts were still the order of the day, but few ventured into the water.

It was a perfect day to do nothing, so that's pretty much what I did.  I slept late, relaxed, read, dozed, and took an already slow-paced life down a few notches.

Two of my favorite beverages from other days joined me in this process:

water and a virgin mango daiquiri.  Yum.

Being me, I of course felt guilty at how little I accomplished--but I managed to get over it and keep on relaxing.

I have no plans other than a dinner reservation for tomorrow, which right now sounds absolutely perfect.

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