Thursday, November 19, 2015

Choices, choices

Friends have criticized me for wanting to see all the movies, and that criticism is more fair than not.  I really do want to see most films.  Despite that desire, some weekends bring few movies that can lure me to the theater.  This weekend is not one of those.  This weekend is chock full of openings I want to see.

Counting only the movies opening at theaters within half an hour of my house, I am tempted by all of the following (in alphabetical order):

  • The 33
  • The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay - Part 2
  • Love the Coopers
  • The Night Before
  • Secret In Their Eyes
  • Spotlight (I'm not sure this one is opening, but it's new to me)
I know some of you will mock me for wanting to see the weaklings in this group, but I do.

Which one will I view Saturday night?

Most likely Hunger Games, because it's the big loud hit, and I'm in the mood for just that, but I've yet to commit to any of them.

I hope to report back on whatever I watch.


David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

I know there are people who criticize the fashions in which others (you, me) live their lives, but why? It's perfectly legitimate to say, "I don't want to do the thing that you're doing," but where does the impulse to say, "You shouldn't do the thing that you're doing," come from?

It all ends the same place: dust an oblivion. What does it matter if you spend part of the time watching movies of limited intellectual pretension or I read turn-of-the-century thrillers?

As always,

Mark said...

As best I can tell, the urge to control others is strong in many people. It's a waste of energy.

As an interesting side note, I watch both movies of limited intellectual pretension and those with considerable such pretension, and afterward it is not always the most pretentious that are in fact the best by any measure.

old aggie said...

One of my theories is that today's over-effective marketing and advertising has made people insecure - for young people, it's their whole life experience since they can't remember anything else like we can. When people are insecure, they get defensive and anxious, and then they cope with that anxiety by attempting to control their environment. At that point, being around anything or anyone who is different feels like a threat. I seem to see this motivation more and more, and it makes me sad.

On a brighter note, "The 33" looks good, and "Mockingjay 2" of course. Then again, I could just watch "The Force Awakens" trailers over and over and be happy too. :-)

Mark said...

I don't mind people thinking I watch too many bad movies. I don't worry much about their opinions.


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