Monday, September 7, 2015

On the road again: DragonCon, Atlanta, day 5

I spent the vast majority of today in my room, either sleeping or working.  I didn't mind either one, because I needed to do both, but I also didn't see much of the con today.

Dinner led us to a local Basque-inspired restaurant, Cooks & Soldiers, about which I'd read many good things.  I may well do a full review of it later, but for now I will say that I was quite disappointed by the food.  It was decent, but with few exceptions it rarely rose above that level--and sank below it on two occasions.  If you want true Basque food, definitely do not go to Cooks & Soldiers, but if you're up for Basque-inspired food, it might be worth a look--but set your expectations low.

Dessert was delightful and spot on, as it always is when you go to a Jeni's ice creams shop.  The sun was setting as we were entering the shop, and the sky was lovely.

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In the middle of the evening, I made my final rounds of the big fan gathering places.  The Hyatt's lobby was nearly entirely empty,

while a small group of hardy fans hung around the bar in the Marriott's atrium.

Overall, this year's DragonCon proved to be low-key fun, but enough so that I hope to return in 2016.

Tomorrow, the long drive home--and work when I'm not driving.

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