Monday, July 13, 2015

Rain, email, beach time

About 4:00 this afternoon, a glorious thunderstorm turned the world dark and pounded us with water.  I love storms, and storms at the beach are particularly wonderful.

Nothing encourages a relaxed pace--and napping--like a great storm.

Speaking of a slow pace, that's what I'm going to be following over the next two weeks.  I normally respond unhealthily fast to email, but while here my responses will be slow at best.  I do not intend to stay glued to my computer, my phone, or any other device.  I will move on beach time, with even blog entries likely to be late.  I apologize in advance if I leave you waiting a bit, but I need to relax, and I aim to do so.


vampi said...

That is one of the few things i miss about the east coast, the glorious thunderstorms at the beach. Los Angeles is nice, but the lack of rain really freaks me out, and this drought is a total bummer.

have a wonderfully lazy and disconnected 2 weeks at the beach.

Mark said...

Yeah, I do like living in a place with storms, and I definitely prefer to reside somewhere that has its own water.

Thanks for the kind wishes. I shall endeavor to do so!


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