Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An eventful day at the beach

So many things happened today that it's almost too much for the beach-addled brain to handle.  People bought things.  People ate lunch out (as usual) and then went shopping and had ice cream.  People took care of car issues.  So many things!

Among the many developments of the day, though, a couple stood out.

First, Sarah unveiled the latest in beach hair fashion.  With her permission, I unveil the incredible construction my lovely daughter created with her hair.

Click a photo to see a larger version.

Want a canted view?  But of course, we are ready to oblige.

The next major development occurred in the evening:  the arrival of the Bobcake!  Accompanying it was BobDinner2015, the Feastening.

Grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna, salmon, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, and salad--the last because we are, of course, all about the health here at the beach.

Did I mention the majestic Bobcake?

Oh, yeah, that is a mountain of chocolate deliciousness.

We ordered with it two of the lovely CaBobcakes, carrot cake jewels that would look huge anywhere except in comparison to the Bobcake itself.  Here's one on its own,

an enormous cake, and now a picture of it with the Bobcake.

Yup, we have a lot of cake to eat.

Life here at the beach is full of weighty responsibilities.


Anonymous said...

Looks sort of like the pictures of Pluto (the BobCake) and Chayrn (the CaBob cake) from NASA. Are they in orbit together?

Mark said...

No, we have these planets of cake locked down in our kitchen.


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