Thursday, July 16, 2015

In the epic battle between the beach people and the Bobcake

the Bobcake must always lose, because the people are many, and they are determined--but the Bobcake does not go easily or lightly.

After the first evening, it was still mocking the beach people.

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Its companion, CaBobcake 1, also scoffed at their puny eating efforts,

even as its brother, CaBobcake A, looked on in untouched splendor.

After this evening, however, the Bobcake was actually running a bit scared, because the beach people had worked hard at its destruction and had in under 30 hours eaten more than half of it.

CaBobcake 1, however, was still standing strong.

Sure, more than half of it has vanished, but its brother-in-sweetness, CaBobcake A, stands ready to replace it.

Ah, the struggles of beach life.


Anonymous said...

Looking like a BobCake record. Can it be finished tonight?

Mark said...

No, the Bobcake stood tall today. Perhaps in a few more days.


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