Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Punk strangeness under the stars

Last night, a small group of us went to the Red Hat Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh to see three groups, each of which puts a punk spin on a particular style of music:  Mariachi El Bronx, Gogol Bordello, and Flogging Molly.  The temperature was in the nineties when we arrived, I didn't know the first group, and I barely knew the music of the second (but liked what I'd heard), so I wasn't at all sure how this would go.

I had a great time.  As Sarah has often observed, live music has a special power.  Sometimes at concerts, I close my eyes and let it wash over me, while most of the time I find the performers fascinating to watch.

Due to work, I missed the short set from Mariachi El Bronx.  I hope one day to give their music a listen.

I caught all of the music from Gogol Bordello and Flogging Molly, and I greatly enjoyed it all.  I honestly can't say which band I prefer, but both were energetic and never slowed for the times they were on stage.

If you never go to live concerts, you're definitely missing out.  Give one a try sometime soon.

For a little taste of the tunes from these two bands, try these two videos.

Gogol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple" was one of the last pieces they performed, and they rocked the house with it.

Flogging Molly's "Seven Deadly Sins" was a song I already knew but is great each time I hear it.

I would happily see either band again and recommend both.

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