Friday, June 19, 2015

(Almost) Living the pre-Internet life

A thunderstorm brought a great deal of sound and fury to my neighborhood Thursday night, and as it was winding down it ran away with all Internet and cable TV access at my house.  My provider of these services, Time-Warner Cable, decided that no one could fix my house until Monday at noon at the earliest.

So, I am (almost) living the pre-Internet life.

Frankly, it sucks.  No email.  No Web browsing.  No cable TV.  I never think much about how heavily I count on all of those, particularly the first two, until I am without them.

Okay, I must admit that I can do email and browse at slower speeds and on a smaller screen on my phone, but am I a savage, to be reduced to this?  Surely not.

I eagerly await the return of the intertubes.  Until then, if you email me, don't be surprised if I take a long time to answer.

(For those wondering, I'm writing this away from home, because doing a blog entry on my phone would be barbaric.)


Mark P said...

No terrestrial TV?
I too have cable TV, but from bitter experience made sure I still get free view Satellite and terrestrial TV.

As for mobile phone access I rather like living in the past and only use my mobile for phoning.

I recently read on the BBC website there's apparently an area in the US which is entirely wireless broadcast free!

Mark said...

Only cable here. I vastly prefer the connected world.


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