Sunday, May 3, 2015

Putting a plate of bacon on the counter

summons Holden faster than any dog whistle or command ever could.

After verifying he cannot simply reach up and take the lovely strips, because even he won't do that when humans are actually watching the plate, Holden begins his various approaches.

First, he tries a speed run around the kitchen island.

Click an image to see a larger version.

When his super speed fails to distract us, he moves to direct entreaties.  First up is the head tilt with mild drool.

Next, he busts outs the slightly calmer and ever so slightly sad, "surely you want me to have bacon" look.

When those fail, he moves in and applies the giant hypnotic eyes approach.

Alas for poor Holden, that evening there was no bacon, because I held firm.

I remain confident, however, that when next bacon appears on the counter, Holden will try again for the delicious prize.


Michelle said...

I am going to send a pound of bacon just for Holden. His pleading eyes are breaking my heart.

Mark said...

No problem. I will cook it, show it to him, and then eat it.

Hey, I love Holden, but he's a dog, and bacon is bacon.


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