Saturday, April 11, 2015

Parkshore Grill

is a restaurant in St. Petersburg that has garnered quite a few accolades for its food and its chef, Tyson Grant.  I met Grant a few months ago at the Cayman Cookout and enjoyed the nibble he'd created, so while I was in St. Pete I had dinner at his place.

I'm disappointed to report that the meal was entirely unremarkable.  Imagine a completely competent steakhouse with no particularly distinguishing dishes, and that's what our small group experienced.  The menu was straightforward, but I'm okay with that; you can have a great meal from standard dishes superbly executed.  Unfortunately, the execution of our food was good but no more.

I don't like to beat up on restaurants, and Parkshore Grill is not a bad one--it's quite a good steakhouse-style place--so I'm going to say only that from Grant's reputation I had expected rather more.

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