Monday, April 6, 2015

Amanda Palmer

played the Fletcher Theater in Raleigh earlier tonight, and a small group of us went to see her.  Our group included people new to her work, people who loved her work, and me.  I am familiar with a reasonable amount of Palmer's music and writing, have read (and mostly enjoyed) her book, and have mixed feelings about her work.

When we left, those who had loved her work still did, those who did not know her did not find the performance particularly good, and I still had mixed feelings.  I'm not sure what, if anything, that outcome says about Palmer's performance.

Most of the audience members seemed to be hardcore fans and to have a great time.  Her connection with her fans is strong and two-way; though most of her music is very personal, her affection for her fans seems genuine.

I enjoyed most of her songs, though her musical craft level seems rough to my admittedly untrained ears.  I enjoyed more her storytelling, as did one of the people new to her work.

On balance, I recommend seeing her if you have a chance, if only to find out whether you're in her audience.  I'm not sure I'll go the next time she's here, but I might.

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