Friday, April 10, 2015

Back where I grew up

For one night, a total of less than 24 hours, I am back in St. Petersburg, FL, where I grew up.  Instead of staying in our old house, however, I'm in a fancy hotel downtown, across from the water, a place I visited as a kid but could never afford to enter. 

This section of the town is pretty at night.  A small park separates the hotel from a row of businesses and other hotels.

Click an image to see a larger version.

When I lived here, nothing much happened downtown.  Now, it's hopping, which is nice to see.

The view from my hotel room is also quite lovely.

I wonder if a younger version of myself would have felt triumph upon returning to my home successful enough to stay in a hotel that would not have let in the younger version of himself.  I do not.  I realize there is no triumph in such things; they are just distractions from all that matter.

That said, I do appreciate a good hotel and a comfy bed, and I am glad to have both tonight.

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