Sunday, February 8, 2015

Today the weather here in N.C. reminded us

not to worry so much about winter and instead to remember that spring would indeed one day come.  The mid-day high hovered around 73, the sky was clear, the sunlight hit us with more strength than we have any right to expect, and a light breeze carried with it the promise of more good days to come.

If you're of a pessimistic bent, you could reasonably argue that the perfection that was today was in fact all a horrible lie.  You could point to Friday's projected high of 38 and the cooling days between now and then as proof that nature was having us on.

I don't hold with that perspective.  I increasingly believe that we must cling to the joys this life gives us, marvel at every second of them, and appreciate their beauty and their magic, because however often you receive them, they remain precious.

So today I stood for a time in the sunlight, and smiled, and squinted in the bright light, and basked in the joys this day offered.

I hope your day brought its own measure of happiness.


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