Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Three years ago today,

on February 11, 2012, my mother died.  I still miss her.  I thought of her often today.  A week never goes by without me thinking of her, and most days she passes through my mind.

My mom raised me and was a single mother for most of my life.  She was a strong, fierce woman; never be fooled by a person's size--she never made it to five feet tall--into believing they are not powerful and formidable.  She made a lot of mistakes with my childhood, and some of them left scars that will never fully heal, but she also did a great deal right.

She taught me many things.  To protect with all my heart and energy those who are with me.  To work hard.  To be grateful for every blessing.  Most of all, to fight, no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, to fight and to never ever ever give up. 

I have learned from her death that though we will all die one day, we will live on, at least for a time, in the hearts and memories of those we touched.  Mom will in that way live for at least as long as I do, for she will never leave my heart or mind.

She told me she would always love me, and I believe she kept that promise.  If there is a heaven, she is in it, and she is still loving me.

This song is about romantic love, and so in that sense it is not appropriate, but it is also about staying with those you love.  Mom will always stay with me, and in my heart I will always stay with her.

Rest in peace, Mom.


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