Thursday, February 26, 2015

On the road again: Portland, day 4

Today's non-work highlights:

I had hoped to sleep a decent amount, but I woke up every 45 minutes or so with bad sinus drainage.  Thus, I got out of bed exhausted.

I started the day with either a very bad cold or a very bad sinus attack.  I can't tell which.  In either case, my nose and the skin around it are draining red wrecks--a lovely image, I know.

I had a fabulous dinner at Le Pigeon:  the seven-course tasting menu with non-alcoholic drink pairings.  Every single dish was awesome, but the foie with crab wonton (stuffed with Dungeness crab and cream cheese), a concoction that sounds wrong in many ways, was instead in classic Gabe Rucker style fantastic and easily one of the best dishes he's ever made. 

I have to crash and hope I can sleep at least a bit.  Sinus drainage is not my friend tonight, and I expect my sinuses to be bundles of pain on tomorrow's flights.  Oh, boy!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried a neti pot for your sinuses? I resisted for years and this fall gave in and what a difference! I used it every morning for a couple of weeks and now I rarely need it. If you try it (or give it a retry), do use a saline solution. I use a ratio of one half teaspoon of a quality salt to two cups of warm water. I know it sounds hokey, but hey it's cheap, easy, and it could help. I believe that there is little to nothing in the western pharmaceutical arsenal that makes a difference in sinus infections.

Mark said...

I have not, though perhaps I will. Thanks for the recommendation.


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