Monday, January 12, 2015

Inherent Vice

managed a feat that few movies do:  When it ended, I wasn't at all sure what I thought about it. 

Its slow, almost meandering pace is exactly the sort of structure that usually leaves me checking the time and wondering why I bought a ticket, but instead I was completely absorbed, afraid to look away from the screen.  Most of that feeling came from the remarkable performance of Joaquin Phoenix, who is in every scene and always in character, always the stoner, but also always trying to be a good guy.  Phoenix turned in a phenomenal performance. 

Every single supporting actor also did a fine job, but there wasn't a single character in the movie whom I'd want to invite to dinner. 

The plot ultimately came to a sort of resolution, but in the way of Pynchon, not one you could trust to stick. 

Inherent Vice is a puzzle.  After a lot of thought, I have to say that I liked it and will watch it again on video, but I recommend it only cautiously, with the caveat that I can't even tell you what other films you should enjoy if you are likely to care for this one. 

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