Thursday, December 18, 2014

I have a cold

It's the first I've had in some years, and I am not enjoying it.  Rivers of snot are flowing out of my head, a problem that makes work and concentration difficult.  My brain feels like it's running at a quarter normal speed, the snot somehow interfering with my thought processes.  I can force myself to full speed through intense focus and the application of a large amount of Coke Zero, but having to do that sucks.

I recognize that as problems go, this is a mild one, but I would still prefer not to have it.

I did not order this cold.  I do not want it.  Whoever gave it to me, please take it back. 


Michelle said...

Unfortunately, this is one of those gifts that keep on giving. My question is how can so much fluid be created so fast? Colds such suck.

Mark said...

It is an amazing phenomenon indeed.

old aggie said...

Probably (hopefully) too late to help you with this cold, but might be helpful next time: I always keep Cold-Eze and a couple capsules of golden seal (the only herbal I'll use) in my desk at work, in my car, etc. , and I dose myself up promptly at the first inkling of symptoms. Last week, everyone else at work was sick; I used my method when I noticed more drainage that I usually have, and 3 days later no cold and sypmtoms nipped in the bud. I don't know what the active ingredient in golden seal is (and it's a little hard on the stomach), but some pharmaceutical company should figure it out - they could make a mint.

Mark said...

Thanks for the tip. This cold is kicking my butt--huge coughs, rough nights--but I will get through it.


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