Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bocci Italian Trattoria and Pizzeria

Sarah had described this restaurant as serving comfort Italian food, so today was a perfect day to check it out.  A group of us tried a few different pasta dishes, some appetizers, and one salad.

Sarah's description pretty much nails it.  Bocci won't change your life, and it won't introduce you to anything new, but it will make you happy you ate there on a cold night.

The garlic knots were dripping in butter and very tasty; really, with that much butter and garlic, how could they not be?  The bruschetta was a bit moist and tart for my taste but okay.  The side portion of Gouda macaroni and cheese was wonderful, a smoky treat.  The Caesar salad was a chopped, weak example of its type, nothing worth ordering again. 

My penne alla vodka, to which I added all three optional proteins (chicken, sausage, and shrimp), was delicious.  I'd order it again--except next time, I'll share it.

As Sarah also warned, the pasta portions at Bocci are enormous.  I ate maybe 20% of my pasta.  It could easily have fed three hungry people, or two who were starving.

If you're in the mood for comfort Italian food, definitely check out Bocci--and share the pasta entrees.

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