Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy snaps from the land of neon

I quite shortchanged you in my recent Las Vegas trip posts, so I thought I'd make a few amends by sharing some of the photos I took while there.

I'd mentioned that our room--the party room, as we came to call it--had a window into the shower from which you could watch from the comfort of your bed as someone cleaned off.  Here's that very shower, with Lisa graciously posing inside for us. 

Click an image to see a larger version.

Sadly, only Kyle and I were sharing the party room, so this window went to waste.  (Note the blinds at the top of the shower windows; they definitely worked.)

As for the foot fetish photos over our beds, all I can say is, rock on, Cosmopolitan room designers!

The wallpaper of our bathroom was another treat, with its patterns composed of oddly jointed and strangely shaped women.

No real woman looks like those, but, hey, this is Vegas.

Is Kyle (with his back to the camera) entering a strange tunnel of Vegas love?

Nope.  He's going into the big Christmas exhibition at the Bellagio.  Need proof?  Check out this Christmas tree.

Christmas naturally makes one think of giving gifts, so if you're looking for a little special bedroom something for the person of your choice, perhaps this bit of metal lingerie might be just the ticket.

You better really want it, though, because just the chain bits will set you back $3,190 (before tax). 


While heading back from Caesar's Palace, we were treated to something you rarely see in Las Vegas:  a sky full of rain. 

The clouds were lovely, and the air smelled deeply of fresh rain.  Wonderful. 

Back at the Cosmopolitan, a dispute over the hotel room bill led me to set my army of attack stone dogs on Kyle. 

Don't worry:  we worked it out, and I called off the dogs. 

To finish off our Friday brunch at Bouchon, we opted for the bouchons, which came with an amazing pistachio ice cream.

Each little bouchon is a tasty few bites of chocolate goodness. 

Friday night, we enjoyed the finale of The Ultimate Fighter from about 25 feet from the cage.

The show was excellent.

Next year, I hope that we get to go again--and that I don't have to work while there!

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