Saturday, May 17, 2014

Don't miss this TED talk

Rives is one of the co-hosts of TEDActive.  I've said hi to him at least a few times over the years I've been going to that conference, but we've never had a serious conversation, and I doubt he knows me or my name.  He does an excellent job as co-host and is always entertaining and energetic, but I've always thought I was seeing only his shallow entertainer persona.

Until he gave this talk at this year's TEDActive.  He gave the talk in front of us in Whistler.  It starts out glib, amusing, as if all you're going to get is a trifle. 

It is more, though.  Just wait for it.  Stay the whole time.  You'll enjoy the ride, and you'll be glad you stayed to the end.

Check it out.

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