Monday, May 12, 2014

On the road again: Austin, day 2

As always with business travel days, I can't talk about the work meetings, so mostly I write about the meals.  Our hope for lunch today was to make it to the John Mueller Meat Co. for what is supposed to be the second-best brisket (after Franklin's) in town.  Thanks to a slow drizzle of a storm, the trip took longer than we anticipated, but the delay ended up not mattering at all, because the place had long before our arrival sold out of meat.  Perhaps I'll make it to this barbecue mecca another time.

We then headed to Guero's Taco Bar for some excellent TexMex food and, of course, good conversation. 

Dinner tonight was a good but no better meal at Little Barrel and Brown.  Austin offers so many great places to eat that I am unlikely to return to this one; it just can't compete with the best in the city.  Because we weren't impressed with the main meal, we headed over to a favorite Amy's for dessert. 

While we were enjoying our ice cream, a thunderstorm poured rain on us.  The rainfall from this storm was among the worst I've seen in the last several decades.  Fortunately, we had a short dash from the front door to an awning-covered path back to the car.  Unfortunately, as we were finishing our cups, a couple who had decided to sprint out of the restaurant threw the front door open so hard that it came off its hinges and was hanging by a single wire.  Rain poured into the place, so the folks serving ice cream pulled the door shut--and the wire broke.  They wedged the door into the frame to block most of the rain and quite reasonably declared that exit no longer available.

This was not good news for me.  I had to leave via the back door to fetch the car, which turned out to mean an almost block-long run around the back of the building, through five different streams of water that were each deeper than the top of my sneakers, and eventually to my car.  I was soaked to the bone.  It would have been a lot funnier to me were it not happening to me.

No harm done, of course; I just didn't enjoy that part of the evening.  I dried off when I reached the room and buckled down to work. 

Speaking of which, tomorrow promises to be an insanely busy day, so I am outta here.

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