Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When I find myself in another city

should I post an invitation here to blog readers for an informal get-together?  I've considered it, but I don't know if anyone reading this would be interested in such a thing. 

In upcoming weeks, I'll be in Portland, OR (next week) and Austin, TX (mid May).  Should I give this a try at one or both of those cities?

Comment or email me if you're interested.  If crickets respond, that'll be my answer.


Andy Finkel said...

I'd be interested, if you find yourself in the Philadelphia area.

Mark said...

Thanks, Andy. I'll hope that happens one day.

Eric Hardenbrook said...

- Better late than never -

I agree with Andy. Philly or Baltimore are both less than a 2 hour drive from the middle of PA where I'm located. I don't hold up much hope that you'll ever have cause to land in the Harrisburg area.

Mark said...

I will hope one day I do.

old aggie said...

Yes please, if you ever get back to Cleveland.
Alternately, you could just hand out at the Charlotte airport, and we could visit you during layovers on US Air flights, of which I will have 2 in mid-May. ... just kidding, of course. :-)

Mark said...

Not a bad idea: an airport layover mini-con. That could almost work.


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