Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday night indulgence

Not too long ago, our most excellent local ice cream shop, The Parlour, started doing ice cream flights on occasional Friday nights.  This week, Vanessa, the ice cream genius who creates their wonderful treats, announced that this week's flight would feature strawberries:

Shortcake: cream biscuits, vanilla bean ice cream, macerated strawberries, cream.
Terrine: lemon curd ice cream layered with yellow cake and strawberry coulis.
Strawberry fool: strawberry compote, rosewater cream, ladyfingers.

We obviously had to go, so earlier tonight a group of us ordered and shared a bunch of these amazing trios.

Click an image to see a larger version.

We began this appetizer sharing with another appetizer, a bowl of Dulce du Leche Cheesecake ice cream.  Though too sweet for a few, most of us loved it.

After all these starter courses, we clearly had no choice but to seek a main meal.  With Bull City Burger and Brewery only a few blocks away, meat was in order.  We headed over and feasted on various types of burgers and hot dogs.  I ate some but not all of two amazing dogs.

Yes, one has pimento cheese and bacon, while the other has chili and slaw.

Not the healthiest Friday night, but an amazingly tasty one.


Rosanne said...

the ice cream sounds wonderful! I love items w/ rosewater. When I make baklava, I like to put a bit of rosewater in the syrup in addition to the honey. Sounds like y'all had a great time!

Mark said...

It was indeed lovely. Rosewater is a great addition to many dishes.

Rosanne said...

Sometimes I use orange flower water. It depends on my mood.

Rosanne said...

realized my second comment was kind of weird. (My 58th birthday is today, maybe that had something to do w/ it; weird from too much self-reflection) :) Take care

Mark said...

I didn't find it weird; no worries.

Happy birthday!

Rosanne said...

thanks :)


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