Saturday, April 26, 2014

What would your entrance music be?

Watching the UFC PPV tonight, I was struck, as always, by the odd choices of entrance music of many of the fighters.  I wondered why they chose the songs they did, whether they had to pay for this use of those songs (I assume so), what that cost, and so on.  What I most wondered, though, was what it would be like if we could all have entrance music announcing our arrival at our jobs, and what my song would be.

For big office buildings, entrance songs clearly wouldn't work, because loud music would be playing constantly during typical morning arrival times.  Worse, songs would have to play on top of one another.  In smaller companies, though, it just might be possible, though obviously disruptive. 

Screw the reality of it.  Let's get to the important question:  What song would each of us choose?

I like to think we could mix it up, choosing one tune one day and a different one the next, but even with that flexibility, most of us would settle into routines.  Maybe it would be "Bad To the Bone" on days you're feeling angry, or "Born To Run" when your life needed a little Bruce juice.  Some days, "Help" might be all we wished for.  "This Is Why We Fight" might perfectly sum up the mood on other days. 

I couldn't settle on a single song for myself, though all of the above obviously came to mind.

What would your entrance song be?


Michelle said...

I am not sure of my entrance song, but my exit song would be "Let It Go" so I wouldn't have to bring the work day home. Or, on really bad days, "Take This Job and Shove It" might suffice.

steveburnett said...

Talking Heads, "Life During Wartime".

Mark said...

Two excellent choices.

Steve, I am particularly partial to all the Talking Heads music of that period. That song is a personal favorite.

Deb said...

hmm, it would change day by day. Sometimes it was "You Had a Bad Day" or during grad school days when I was realizing the ROI wasn't happening, it was Emilie Autumn's "Opheliac", specifically for the line, "Whether I swim or sink / That's no concern of yours now".

Curious, what would Jon and Lobo's song be?

Mark said...

I completely get the notion of it changing daily to suit your mood. That would definitely be the case for me...and for Jon and Lobo. Sometimes for them, the song would be "The Boys Are Back In Town." Other times, it would have to be "Bad To the Bone."

old aggie said...

How about "See, the Conq'ring Hero Comes" by G F Handel?
The "Morris Dance" from Susato's Danserye would be another peppy choice.
But lately I've concluded that "my song" is the little Brahms waltz, Op. 39 # 15. If you saw "Catching Fire," you heard it when Katniss was dancing with President Snow in the ballroom scene. How nice of them to accommodate my musical tastes! :-)

Mark said...

That's a nice choice. I am very weak in classical music knowledge, so hearing entrance song ideas from that world is great. Thanks.


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