Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter and I are done

I am completely over her.  Any good feelings I had for her have long since melted away, as the ice on my car has not yet done.  If you catch me in her company, understand that I am there against my will. 

I know what many of you will say:  Oh, sure, break up so quickly, when you haven't even really gotten to know her, what with your gallivanting to an island in January and your trip to Austin (where she met me and tortured me further, I might add). 

I can reply only that I do not care, that what little affection I once held for her is now a frozen lump I would happily bury were the ground not such a hassle to dig.

Winter, we are done.  Now, if only you would be.


Michelle said...

I completely feel your pain. And Mr. Polar Vortex? No one likes you, we are not friends and you suck. Big time.

Anonymous said...

only you could say it with such elegance.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree!


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