Saturday, March 8, 2014

Delta Rae and the art of the show

I've noted in a couple of earlier posts how much I like the music of Delta Rae, a band that started out here and that is on the verge of going very big indeed.  I'd never seen them live, however, so I was psyched Thursday night when I went to the Cat's Cradle to see them perform to a sold-out house.

From the moment the six band members took the show, it was clear that this was a very tight, very polished group.  With four different lead singers, Delta Rae is able to maintain a very high energy level from song to song to song.  That energy was contagious, and the whole crowd felt it.  The band played a lot of songs we all knew, as well as some new ones.  They were focused and completely in control the whole time.

They saved one of my favorite songs, "Dance In the Graveyards" for the very end.  I've featured it before, but it's worth putting it here again.

To my surprise, as I was listening to them sing this one, I thought of my mom and realized that I had never danced with her.  Even though I don't like to dance, I know she did, and now I wish that once, just once, I had found an excuse to waltz with her.  I think she would have liked that. 


Rosanne said...

I don't know what your spiritual beliefs are, but I think she heard your kind thoughts, and that yall will have a chance to dance one day. Take care

Mark said...

That would certainly be lovely.


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