Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stephen Kellogg and the art of joy

Long-time readers and friends know that I am a huge fan of the music and shows of Stephen Kellogg, both alone and with his former band, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers.  Earlier tonight, a group of us went to see him and a small band of friends in concert. 

It was wonderful, a show full of joy. 

Kellogg and the three guys in the band--whose names I'm sorry to say I did not get, but the guitarist's nickname was Jet Pack and the bass player was Chip from the Sixers--delivered a night of lovely songs, some slow, some soft, some fast, some loud.  They played many of Kellogg's hits, some less well known tunes, and even a song that was totally new to me. 

What stuck with me throughout this show is the same impression I've gotten from every one of his performances:  he loves what he does, takes real joy in it, and he gives it back to the audience. 

I watched this show from right at the stage, because the Cat's Cradle was, to my sorrow, far from full.  I was maybe two feet from him and the band as they sang and played a couple of songs.  Here they are, talking right before a song.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

If you've ever wanted to know what I look like from behind while I'm watching a show, today, thanks to Gina, is your lucky day.

If you can't spot me easily, I'm the one with a neck the size of his rather sizable noggin. 

Kellogg's shows always serve to remind me that you cannot control your audience size, how many people buy your work, your reviews, anything--except the work you produce.  To my thinking, if there was any justice, Stephen Kellogg would be huge, a household name.  He's not, and I'm sorry for that, but I'm glad he keeps producing wonderful music.  

Stephen Kellogg is a performer whose work I and many others love, and he is a man who can fill me with joy.  I thank him for that.


Michelle said...

I saw him in his last tour of his band, the Sixers, last summer. It was amazing. He was smiling the whole time and you could tell he was having a hell of a time. I agree, that it is a shame he isn't performing to stadiums full of people, but the performance I attended was sold out, albeit a small venue, but sold out. It was a great finale tour.

Mark said...

Even without the Sixers, you should catch him again when he comes your way.


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