Sunday, February 2, 2014

Well, damn: Philip Seymour Hoffman died today

Many news outlets have reported that Philip Seymour Hoffman died earlier today of a drug overdose.  From various reports and his own statements, he'd fought with drug abuse for a long time, and today he lost in a very final way.

He was, to my taste, one of the best actors of the last several decades, always becoming the characters he played.  I can't think of a film in which he turned in a bad performance. 

One of my favorite of his roles, of course, was as the Count in The Boat That Rocked.  I love that film, I love the character he and Richard Curtis created, and I will always love his final speech, as the boat is going down.



Michelle said...

He was amazing in Capote, the film he won his Academy Award in. Such a huge waste of talent. I also loved him in The Boat That Rocked. His character was lovable and sad. Truly a genius actor. He will be missed.

Rosanne said...

I did not know he struggled w/ drug addiction until the news of his passing. For this to happen is a sad thing for any family. They are in my thoughts.

Mark said...

46 is so young to go.


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