Monday, February 10, 2014


Two days ago, my week seemed reasonable:  normal Monday, normal Tuesday, fly to Portland Wednesday, meetings Thursday, fly home Friday.  I wasn't in love with the two days of flying for one day of meetings, but the meetings merited the travel. 

Yesterday, my day looked far worse, thanks to the snow that's on tap to clobber the Triangle Wednesday morning--when I was due to fly.

Now, the snow appears all but definite, and I'm flying Tuesday afternoon to Portland.  This trip in turn compresses the rest of the day, so the morning is insane.

I'm quite done with this weather. 

It, alas, is not done with me.

I know, I know:  Compared to people in the Northeast, we've had it easy here in North Carolina.  Nonetheless, I am ready for a more standard February, with highs in the fifties and lots of clear skies.

Enough whining.  Time to pack.

My next post will be from lovely--as in, cold and damp--Portland, where the weather will be only marginally better than it is here, but I will be sure to make my Thursday commitments.


Brian Salsig said...

You should just miss the snow and ice here in portland. Make sure you have lunch or dinner in a brew pub...we do micro beers right here. Also make sure you pay homage to Powells or we will never respect you as a writer :)

Mark said...

Thanks, Brian. I do love Portland, and I always show respect for Powells. It's a great store.

Brian Salsig said...

You should just miss the snow and ice here in portland....but we do rain and micro brews right out here. Coffee too...If your barista doesn't have at least two tattoos an hair colors not found in nature I would leave. Voodoo donuts for breakfast...Bridgeport or the Rock for Lunch...Laurelwood or Mcminimums for Dinner. Don't forget to pay homage to Powells Bookstore...or we Northwest fans will never give you respect.

Mark said...

Are there any baristas in Portland with natural hair and no tattoos?

Just kidding.

I do love Portland.

Brian Salsig said...

Portland can be kind of an acquired taste. Having traveled a bit I realize it is kind of like think they are a bit odd until you meet someone else's family...then you realize yours is just plain crazy...but growing up with it there is few other places I would like to where else can you get a vegan hemp patty on whole wheat bun. Now get back to writing your next book about evil Lobo, human trafficking, and a super hot bounty hunter tracking down Jon...There appears to be a drought of good reads right now...I blame HBO.

Mark said...

I loved Portland from my first visit, so I never found it an acquired taste.

Will do on the book.


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