Friday, February 14, 2014

On the road again: Portland, day 4 (and Zombeavers)

I'm home safely.  For a while, the weather cast doubt on whether I would be able to reach home today, but Raleigh warmed up enough that American was flying on time, and driving between my house and the airport was not a problem.  I'm grateful for that.

As I've written in various forms many times before, I'm never going to love a travel day that begins with me getting up in the early fives, as today did.  Still, aside from being flagged for random extra scanning at PDX, today's flights went as smoothly as one could reasonably hope. 

While in Portland, I, along with about a million and a half other folks, ran across this trailer for the subtly named movie, Zombeavers.

Not very long ago, I would have figured this for a film-school prank.  For all I know, that's how it started.  With this many YouTube hits, however, if it wasn't real before the trailer, you can bet somebody stepped up to finance it after the trailer.  After all, this trailer has inspired many people online to wonder, "Is this the next Sharknado?" 

The mere existence of that question speaks volumes about our culture.

And yet, as a man who's seen an unhealthy number of zombie movies, I had to ask myself the embarrassing question, "Would I watch this?"

Yeah, sadly, I probably would.

It may be time for me to put a zombie book in my queue and show people how to do zombies right.  Maybe I'd get a zombie movie all my own. 

But not one with beavers.  Beavers are already taken.

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