Monday, October 28, 2013

Things I learn in airports

Life constantly offers us the chance to learn, if we will pay attention. I often find airports particularly instructive.

For example, on the way back from New Orleans on Monday, while grabbing lunch in MSY, I learned that spoons are definitively the most useful bit of cutlery, because they are multi-purpose. Don't take my word for this profound insight; check out the declaration from the fine folks at Dixie, whose SmartStock dispenser makes this point clear.

Click on an image to see a larger one.

I would have chosen the knife, because with it you can both cut your po boy and stab the annoying people who are yelling into their mobiles a mere table away--not that I would do such a thing, of course.  I see now, though, that with the spoon you can stab with one end--not sharp, admittedly, but put enough force behind it and you might be okay--and then scoop out any loose bits with the other end.  Spoons it is.

One airport later, at DFW, while ordering the wonderful Red Mango mixed berry parfait, I learned that Auntie Anne's was now offering not only the amazing pretzel dog, but the even more handy cup full of pretzel dog bites!

Come on, admit it:  you'd like to tuck into a cup of these delicious rascals.  I know I would.

I now await eagerly the time when Auntie Anne decides to complete the circle of life, hot dog style, with the foot-long pretzel dog.  If you were to order and eat all three, I suspect you would achieve the kind of enlightenment that would stop you from even considering which type of plastic tableware is best for killing the annoying people yelling into their cell phones.

Not that I would ever do such a thing, of course.

Kill them, that is.  Of course I'd eat the trifecta of pretzel dog happiness.


Anonymous said...

Red Mango mixed berry parfait sounds wonderful!

Mark said...

It is indeed...and only about 310 calories, yet very filling.

Anonymous said...

If I am ever in DFW I'll check it out. I'm glad that airports have some healthier or at least, lower calorie options these days. :)

Mark said...

At least healthier.


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