Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, Brighton, day 0

I wish I could sleep on planes.  I really do.  I can doze fitfully and uncomfortably, my head jerking spastically and producing strange noises, but I don't feel good afterward.  Neither do any of the people around me.  So, I passed last night's fly-all-night trip to Heathrow largely reading and watching a movie on the tablet American Airlines nicely loaned me.  (Yes, I was in First Class, which was glorious; miles paid for the ticket.) 

After landing and getting luggage, the next step was a ride in a car service--about the same price as all options other than the cheapest trains and considerably less hassle--through rush-hour traffic to Brighton.  Not a good time, not a bad time, just a ride.

Amazingly, my hotel room was ready, so I headed to it, caught up on work, and crashed for several hours in a nap.

Con registration proceeded smoothly, the early attendees wine reception was a bore because I don't drink and didn't know anyone, and so it was time to walk the town a bit and find dinner. 

The con's restaurant guide sang the praises of Havana, so when our winding path took us by it, we ducked in and enjoyed a very tasty meal.  I had a curry soup and a mushroom risotto, and both were delicious.

The winds are gusting over 22 mph, so the walk home was chilly and left me feeling like someone had sanded my corneas.  I'm now caught up on work, though, so it's time to sleep and then wake up, I hope, adjusted to local time. 

Tomorrow, I hope to get in a bit of touristing, and then the con starts in earnest!

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