Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On the road again: Austin, day 4
Plus, a kickstarter tip

All of today's meals were meetings, and all were with good clients and friends and colleagues--but all must remain private.  We mostly stayed informal, which was nice and which led to great ice cream at Amy's after a fun dinner of extremely tasty wings at a local Pluckers.  I rarely go out for wings, but these were the best I've ever had. 

Because I can say so little about my experiences today, I'm going to devote this space to a plug for a new Kickstarter campaign.  My pal, John Picacio, is doing another calendar.  (I plugged the Kickstarter campaign for his gorgeous 2013 calendar last year.) His 2014 calendar will feature artwork from the Loteria deck he is creating.  (I can't wait for the deck.)  I strongly encourage you to check out his Kickstarter site and, if you find the art at all appealing, support this project. 

I haven't done so yet, but only because I'm trying to figure out how extravagant I can afford to be.  You can count on me going in for at least one of his very tempting packages. 

I'm heading to New Orleans tomorrow for CONtraflow, where John is the Artist Guest of Honor and I'm the Toastmaster.  If you're in that area, come by, check it out, and chat with us.  If you spend any time talking with John, you'll want to support his new project for another reason:  You'll see for yourself that he's an artist who truly cares about doing great work. 

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