Friday, September 6, 2013

Zombie fight and bomb shrapnel claim part of writer's tooth

Despite the timestamp on this post, I'm writing it about five in the morning Friday night/Saturday morning.  (I refuse to acknowledge the new day is here until I've gone to sleep and then awakened in that day, so to me this is still Friday.)  I discovered a couple of hours ago that a big chunk of the side of my top left rearmost molar (the only tooth behind it is my wisdom tooth) is missing.  This tooth is one of the few I have that contains a filling, so I suppose that's part of the problem, but I was at the dentist just last month and the check-up didn't reveal any cavities.  To be fair to them, we didn't do x-rays--my fault due to a terrible gag reflex--but, still.

I fly to San Francisco Sunday morning and don't return until Friday night, so my first shot at an appointment with my dentist is a week from Monday.  I fly out again two days after that, so my window of opportunity is small.

The remaining chunk of tooth doesn't hurt, but from what little research I've done, it's probably not great to leave the tooth untended for long.

This sucks.

As life problems go, of course, it's relatively minor, so I won't complain further, but it certainly is annoying. 

It's also annoying that I have no great story to go with it.  Had I been in a fight to protect a young anime-eyed child from a mob of brain-hungry zombies or racing at high speed in my Tesla to drive a fully armed bomb far enough away from a crowded urban center that no one would be hurt and then lost the tooth to a piece of shrapnel, that would be at least interesting.

Instead, sometime today I bit something hard and lost a bit of tooth, and I didn't notice it until the wee hours.

I think I'll just go with the bomb or the zombies and hope folks buy it.

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