Monday, September 2, 2013

On the road again: WorldCon, San Antonio, day 5

Today was about as perfect a travel day as I could hope to have. 

My first flight wasn't until mid-afternoon, so I was able to sleep late and catch up on work before heading for the airport.  The cabbie didn't have much English, but it was good enough to find the right terminal at the San Antonio airport. 

Waiting for me there were first-class upgrades for both flights, so I passed them in comfort.

My layover in DFW was just long enough to allow not only the usual shuttle ride between terminals but also a quick walk to the nearest Red Mango for their delicious parfait.  Red Mango makes every day a little bit better!

Bandwidth on both flights was slow but adequate for me to work, though just barely.  Still, that's nothing to complain about, and I was grateful to have it.

The flight home even arrived a hair early--and my checked bag appeared on time!

As I said, a truly good travel day.

The only flaw in the day was the sadness I, and, I suspect, most SF fans, felt at the news of Fred Pohl's death.  More on that loss tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I resume normal life for the five days until the next trip!

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