Thursday, September 5, 2013

A video series worth watching (and I'm in it)

A while ago, the Space Frontier Foundation enlisted the help of Dr. Kiki Sanford to create a short video series about the influence of Robert A. Heinlein on writers and technologists.  Jonathan Card, the Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation, helped pull together the folks involved and create the videos.  Baen Books, my publisher, was a sponsor.  The series appears on the 25th anniversary of Heinlein's death. 

The result is a series of three videos that you can find on YouTube.  You can also click below to watch the first one. 

In the series, Kiki interviewed three people:  Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur and author; Art Dula, trustee of the Heinlein Prize Trust and literary executor of Heinlein's literary estate; and me. 

My interview was the first to appear, so I'm embedding it here.  Fair warning:  I did it via a laptop's webcam while sitting in a temporary office at PT, so it's a bit stark, and I had to limit my movement quite a bit to stay on camera. 

Kiki was a great interviewer, smart and fun and very well prepared.  I enjoyed talking with her.  I hope you also find the conversation interesting. 


Michelle said...

I never made that connection between Holmes and Spock. WOW. That completely changes how I see Star Trek. Thanks!

Mark said...

I wouldn't trust the connection too much; it may be only in my head.


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